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Published May 4, 2012 by nadiashah7



Published May 4, 2012 by nadiashah7


The objective of this project was to design a ‘cross-media’ package with consistent branding to promote a CD album. Although the overall package was made in groups, every member received individual tasks.  In order to decide on a music genre, band name and target audience, a questionnaire was conducted and handed out to 20 people. The results have been displayed using graphs and have enabled us to create a demographic which our products would be aimed at.

In order to fulfill the requirements of creating a promotional product for an album, I had to research and analyze a variety of different products such as a CD cover,website,advert and magazine cover. I specifically focused on one girl band named ‘Little Mix’ as this was a common favourite seen in the results of the questionnaire. By examining each product, I learnt how the branding of the products appealed to the intended audience.

We used the name ‘Candy Coated’ which was obtained from the questionnaire results to set a theme for our package. Although all members of the group had a different task, we all had to follow a design so we created mood boards of suitable colour schemes and styles. We also created a wordle which is a collection of words associated with our girl group.

After a group discussion, I was assigned the role of creating the advertisement. In order to create my individual product, I researched inspirational adverts of well-known artists. After analyzing the conventions of an advert, I created a draft of the layout I was going to use to create my final product. I then used the programme ADOBE FIREWORKS to create possible fonts. Using the group’s feedback, I then made the final lettering.

When making the advert, I used ADOBE PHOTOSHOP. I began by inserting an image which was taken during the research stage.  To remove the background of the image taken, I used the magnetic lasso tool  which enabled me to select the areas and remove them. The pose seen in the image was aligned after researching girl group poses which is shown on the blog. Throughout the making of my product, I made many layers so I could easily change any elements. To do so, I clicked on ‘layer’ and then ‘new’ before giving it a name. To make a background, I made a new layer and modified it several times to get the desired effect.

After deciding on a background which was made using the gradient tool, I visited the website to download Photoshop brushes.  I then went onto the brushes tool and selected ‘load brushes’. The brushes which complimented my product were kiss brushes which I placed on the top right. The ‘Candy Coated’ lettering which I made previously was positioned at the top of the advertisement. Below, I inserted the title of the CD album name made by another group member.  I also put in the text ‘out now’ to indicate the product’s availability.  On the bottom right, I inserted review quotes from newspaper articles. I also included logos of well-known organizations, which is an important convention of an advert. The tool I commonly used was the move tall which enabled me to change the position of the different elements of my product.

The skills I have developed throughout this project mainly consist of learning about different programmes such as Photoshop. During this task, I learnt many new skills such as creating layers, changing the background and inserting new brush designs.  Although I followed my draft which I drew out on paper beforehand, I modified my design based on feedback which I received from my group members.

I believe that my finished product can be classed as successful as it contains the convention seen in real products. The background is pink which has a connotation of femininity. The fonts used are also very feminine so the advertisement would appeal to the target audience. The kiss prints relate to the title of the album which promotes the CD album.  The black dresses contrast the pale background and draw attention to the advert itself.